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The leading Pool Design Guys offers swimming pool design consultancy. You can take advantage of high quality services at our one stop. We are committed to ethically supporting architectural or owner based swimming pool design. Our objective is to meet the customers’ needs by maximum utilization of our resources. We ensure excellence construction through site inspections and meeting our esteemed clients’expectations by the subsequent performance of the amenity. We have stood the test of time and Pool Design Guys strives to make our services better every day for our clients as our mission states.

Team of professionals

We have a highly experienced team of professionals. Our designers give clients options based on personal lifestyles and preferences. Our team love asking questions so that the functional basis of the swimming pool is known which helps in offering advice that presents better options resulting in clients’ happiness with the project. The team presents options and finds out what the clients wants so that the backyard is transformed into an amazing poolscape. The team also offer special swimming pool features that are unique for example they can add water spouts, waterfalls, lighting and grill islands.

Typical services

Pool Design Guys offer residential swimming pool design. We walk with our clients from the first visit until the last tile is laid. We also provide comprehensive swimming pool and hot tub maintenance for residential and commercial pools. We have a full menu for repair and renovation of types of pools.Pool Design Guys also specialize in supplying swimming pool construction kits and equipment for building contractors.Pool Design Guys also upgrades existing swimming pool depending on the needs of the clients. We also organize workshop and exhibition to shed more light on pool design since Swimming pool designs come in different types, designs, sizes, shapes depending on the purpose for which the pool is built. The pool that eventually one decides to construct will depend on budget, lot size and availability of materials. Preference is also a factor to consider when choosing the pool design. A swimming can be in any geometric shape depending on choice of the homeowner. Other designs for example infinity pool design exist but more expensive to construct since they require a lot of structural support, mechanical hydraulics and architectural design details. This helps the clients to make prudent decisions before the building starts so that they can be satisfied when building is complete.


All the services offered by Pool Design Guys come with affordable prices.When planning for a pool design it is crucial to stick with well-known companies that have been in business for a long time and will remain so in the future. This is because with recent unpredictability in the economy, the risk of contractors going out of business is greater and it is therefore important to carry out research on consumer satisfaction because pools take time to build, when homestead owner hire incompetent contractors he/she maybe left with an incomplete project. When this happens the owner incurs unplanned extra cost of finishing up the pool construction.

Customers can get in touch with us on 888-410-9160 and you will get the best customer service who gives advice and quotations for services offered at Pool Design Guys

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